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English section

The history of an olimpic hen16:14, Marti, 23.12.2008
  The history of an olimpic hen   The history of a pigeon, RO-161121-04-F (28 place to Oostende Olympiade – Belgium – 2007)     In every year, at the end of Febr...
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The ASC `Grivita Rosie` pigeon Arbitrament05:17, Marti, 23.12.2008
  The ASC `Grivita Rosie` pigeon Arbitrament     Saturday, on 29 November 2008, starting with 10.00 a.m., on Pasteur Institute of Bucharest, situated on Calea Giulesti no. 333, sect...
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BUTUCANU STEFAN - Galati12:28, Marti, 16.12.2008
  BUTUCANU STEFAN - GALATI     I am 47 years old, I`m married and I have a 21 years old daughter. The passion for pigeons runs in the family, my father as well as my two grandf...
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Mircea Bejenaru - Piatra Neamt02:34, Marti, 16.12.2008
  SUPER SEASON - 2008 BEJENARU MIRCEA – Piatra Neamt                   The impressive results obtained by the columbophiles fro...
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Top pigeons - Johann Mehler - Germany - male DV-0476-06-47202:39, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Johann Mehler - Germany - male DV-0476-06-472 It is another special specimen from Mr. Mehler’s loft which at the age of two already has an impressive record: 2 times 2nd place Regional ...
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Top pigeons - Johann Mehler - Germany - a beautiful pigeon of Janssen02:42, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Johann Mehler - Germany – a beautiful pigeon of Janssen The male with the series DV-476-06-456 is a beautiful Janssen specimen, great grandchild of  `Lowiecke`, and it comes from M...
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Top pigeons - Freialdenhofen & Sohne - hen `Diana`02:40, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Freialdenhofen & Sohne - hen `Diana` For 1st place International at the AS Pigeon category obtained in 2001, hen `Diana`  deserves a special place in the Freialdenhofen & Sohne l...
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Top pigeons - Freialdenhofen & Sohne - male `Marseille Star`02:45, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Freialdenhofen & Sohne - male `Marseille Star` Among the top results obtained by this pigeon there are: - 2nd place International, AS Pigeon category, in 2005 - 1st place International...
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Top pigeons - Lucan Lucian - hen `Marinela`02:47, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Lucan Lucian - hen `Marinela` According to Mr. Lucian Lucan’s statements, currently the most valuable, most appreciated and most beloved bird of his entire loft is hen `Marinela`. Apart...
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Top pigeons - Puf Ilie - `Cuca`02:50, Marti, 16.12.2008
  Mr. Ilie Puf’s `Cuca` is another important hen from the loft. As a racer, it registered results of mark, and as a progenitive it raised at least to the same level. It is a Jos Thone hen ...
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