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Doctor Sorin Stanescu, from Bucharest - a great pigeon champion of Romania - highlights

14:26, Marti, 13.05.2014

The romanian doctor Sorin Stanescu - a great pigeon champion of Romania

- highlights -








RRP: Do you call inbreeding in pairings and how close these matings go?

S. Stanescu: Depends on what I want to do with the products obtained. If I want to keep my youngsters for breeding, then I do very close inbreeding, going up to incest (mating siblings between them, father to daughter etc.). If instead I want to go on pigeons flying, then opt for the more distant inbreeding, like: an inbred pigeon paired with a good bird flying. In this case I can do inbreeding between siblings, but with different parents, in other words, half-siblings. I tried to do close inbreeding between two pigeons each of them from two inbred lines, but to me it did not work.

RRP: Did you have identified so far several “gold” pairs in your breeding loft?

S. Stanescu:  I can not say that many pairs, but I think this time we have two “gold” pairs, they we can multiply many years to come. And as a matter of fact, the best results that we have obtained so far comes from the same pairs. I didn`t changed pairs. The only amendment is to there are years when you get a larger number of young offspring value, from other years that have less, but still have great value than any other attempt that you have changed partners. If people find the whole miracle of genetics, then when we got married we choose wife not only by appearance, which is the most disqualified, for fanciers, but after other things.

RRP: I noticed you are a racer emboldened on national and international One Lof Races, and with significant results.

S. Stanescu: Yes, we engage many pigeons on international One Loft Races. For us, at internal competitions we make only observations to see which birds breed better. At pigeon competitions in Romania we only trying pigeons at a young age and seek to select pairs to meet the criterion precocious offspring. Because there are birds that give youngsters that flying well only at the early age, and they begin to mature already no longer up to the same level.

RRP: Do you have favorite international One Loft Races?

S. Stanescu: One Loft Race from South Africa is one of them, but I attended on the other One Loft Races from China, United States of America, from Las Vegas, Great Britain, from Belgium, Spain (at Derby Arona Tenerife). I also participated on several One Loft Races from Romania, but our participation was the most consistent in South Africa gather that there is a large number of birds and breeders. It is, in fact, the world's largest One Loft Race. But to started to earn a final at South Africa One Loft Race (and I believe that I will win at a time), you have very much experience plus you have to know exactly what pigeons to send there. I do not know if I have won contests but I can assure you that I won a lot of money in betting..




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